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Wellness Portal Guest Access Instructions

For a one week trial guest pass, please contactGuest Portal Link Image

WellSpan Wellness Services
Phone: 717.851.4336
Email at wellness@wellspan.org

  • By entering this log-in information, guests will be directed to a sample portal for The Companies. The guest will be entered as John Doe.
  • The sample portal appears similar to the current Wellness Matters website used by WellSpan employees. Some portal components cannot be changed whereas other parts – banner, image rotator and image slider – are customizable.
  • Wellness portal guests may click on any links to perform the function as John Doe and assess the functionality of this product.
  • In addition, guests can tour the dashboard by clicking on the “Tutorial” tab in the top right corner of the page.
  • To eturn to the homepage at any time, click on “Dashboard” on the upper right of the page. Use the back arrow to return to the prior screen. 

As a wellness portal guest, please feel free to contact WellSpan Wellness Services by phone at 717.851.4336 or by e-mail at wellness@wellspan.org if you have any questions or need assistance with the portal.

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