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Drug Free Workplace

DOT & Non-DOT Consortium Management  

When companies institute random drug testing, it serves as a true deterrent in their drug free workplace. Knowing a test is possible discourages recreational users from indulging and heavy users to change jobs or change their habits. Random drug testing is easy to budget and offers a tremendous return on investment.

By joining WellSpan Occupational Health's drug and alcohol consortium, you join forces with other companies to place your employees into a random pool to be managed by us as your third party administrator. Participation in our consortium pool assists companies needing to stay DOT and FMCSA compliant.

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    • Strict adherence to DOT compliance standards
    • DOT certified collectors
    • Separate DOT and Non-DOT consortium management 
    • Compliance reports
    • Expert Medical Review Officers (MRO): trained and certified physicians who
    • interpret your drug screen results 
    • All regulated employees from all companies who are enrolled in the consortium and eligible for selection
    • All companies compliant once the required random testing percentages are met


    • Easy to implement
    • • Quarterly roster verification reminders
    • • Six convenient OH locations & most WellSpan Urgent Care Centers
    • • Perfect for owner operators

Cost Effective

    • Easy to budget
    • Low annual membership fee
    • Discounted Rates as testing partner  

Random Pool Management 

When you choose WellSpan Occupational Health to provide your random drug testing, it also offers you a simple and cost-effective way to manage your random drug testing program. We act as your third-party administrator for all the member companies regarding the random testing selection process. Each selection is made based on the average number of positions in the pool using a valid computerized random selection process in which each covered employee has an equal opportunity to be chosen.

We offer both DOT and non-DOT random pool management. We manage the administration of both programs and each company customizes their random program based on their individual company needs: 

    • Frequency: Monthly or Quarterly
    • Rate: Percentage of Fixed Amount
    • Selection: Drug Screening

Utilizing consortiums with random testing pools allows you to maintain a safer workplace, reduce your risk and liability, maintain compliance, and identify employees in violation of your company’s drug and alcohol policy.

WellSpan Occupational Health supports its clients to maintain compliance therefore avoiding penalties and/or fines in the case of a DOT audit. As DOT regulations change, you can rest assured that we will keep you updated on the latest.

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