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Value of Wellness Services to the Employer

The impact of wellbeing on the workforce

For every 100 employees:

✓ 25 have cardiovascular disease    ✓ 21 smoke/use tobacco Wellness Walkers Image
✓ 12 are asthmatic                            ✓ 31 use alcohol excessively
✓ 6 are diabetic                                 ✓ 20 don’t wear seatbelts
✓ 26 have high blood pressure         ✓ 24 don’t exercise
✓ 30 have high cholesterol               ✓ 44 suffer from stress
✓ 38 are overweight
✓ 67% of employers identified employees’ poor health habits as one of their top three challenges to maintaining affordable health coverage. (U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, American Institute for Preventive Medicine)

Tobacco Use: Estimated Yearly Cost

  • The CDC estimates that companies spend $3,856 per smoker per year in direct medical costs and lost productivity.
  • Additional studies have examined the following:
    • Low productivity due to more missed days at work costs employers, on average, $517 annually for each employee that smokes.
    • Smoking breaks cost $3,077 a year per smoker-Highest loss in productivity o Excess health care expenses cost $2,056 annually for every employee that smokes. (Estimating the cost of a smoking Employee, 2013. BMJ- Tobacco Control) 

Obesity Cost for Employer 

  • Yearly cost approx. $2741 per employee.
  • Overweight employees cost their employers $73.1 billion a year and file twice the number of workers’ compensation claims.
  • Obese men take six more sick days a year than non-obese men. Obese women take 9.4 more days a year than non-obese women. The resulting obesity-related absenteeism costs employers $6.4 billion/year. (Northeast Business Group's "Weight Control and the Workplace” Study-2013) 

➢ Overall cost to employer includes health care, lost productivity, absenteeism and workman’s compensation.
➢ Wellness Services offers multiple options programs that are designed to support healthy behavior in the workplace and to improve personal health outcomes.

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